Saw the film Seabiscuit Saturday evening and found it thoroughly enjoyable.

The film is based on the book by Laura Hillebrand that has been a non-fiction bestseller in both hard and soft copies for a couple of years. Seabiscuit was, as one reviewer described him, “an extraordinary animal, genetically endowed with bullet speed, a lion’s heart and a wing-nut personality.” The story is about his heart, and that of the three men who found it — played by Jeff Bridges, Chris Cooper and Tobey Maguire. The film takes the time to develop each of the four leading characters and their times, while David McCullough provides voice-over commentary on contemporary history. The racing scenes are enough to get you to the track.

True, it’s just Rocky retold. But as someone once said, there is really only one story; it’s the telling that counts.

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