Letter to California Recall Leader

Dear Rep. Issa,

Congratulations on achieving your goal of putting the recall on the ballot! You have once again proved that, with enough determination, willpower, and cold hard cash, anything is possible. Kudos to you sir.

During the early days of the recall effort, you blamed Gray Davis for California’s $38 billion deficit, and compared him to a CEO that needed to be ousted from a failing company. President Bush, meanwhile, has created a $455 billion deficit. Your dedication to a balanced budget, and your willingness to hold those who violate this principle publicly accountable, makes you a natural ally in our drive to help recall George W. Bush from office.

In your August 10 appearance on “Meet the Press,” you stated, “Working with Gray Davis is an inconsistent art because he doesn’t do what he says he will do, at least consistently and reliably.” Like you, we share a scorn for government officials who mislead the public and pursue goals that blatantly oppose their stated agenda, like when President Bush unveiled his “No Child Left Behind” Act, his AIDS initiative in Africa, and the expansion of AmeriCorps — and then promptly denied funding to all three.

Your fabulously produced radio ad, asserts that Gov. Davis has ruined California’s economy, leading to “thousands of jobs lost.” Your devotion to the plight of the unemployed means that you probably already know that almost three million people have lost their jobs since Bush took office.

In conclusion, Rep. Issa, we look forward to your support on this issue. Having a hardened recall veteran with millions to spend on our side would give an invaluable boost to our cause. The parallels between these two situations are uncanny, and surely your high-minded commitment to your ideals will not allow you to turn your back on this pressing political situation.

The Bush Recall Team